How to manage frustrations to be at peace with yourself?

How to manage frustrations to be at peace with yourself?

Have you ever felt that all your plans didn't work at all? Despite the efforts that you have made, there are things and events that you can't control and that causes your frustration. Then, you have to be realistic: you can't control all things. If you are not conscious of that you live with a permanent hangover and it takes your inner peace away.

How can we avoid frustration?

As usual, you have planned something alone or with others, but then you were not satisfied because things did not happen the way you planned. You become frustrated, you are angry towards others who have no idea for that anger. Haven't you had enough of experiencing such moment? Relax, there are rules to manage this frustration and be at peace with yourself:

Control yourself

First of all, you should be conscious that the only thing or person that you can control is YOU; and even at some points it is proven to be hard to achieve. You cannot control anyone else, nor pretend to be able to control any event. Because this trend to need to control others and situations make you more frustrated. The more frustrated you are, the angrier you become.

Inner peace requires calmness and serenity. By feeding your mind and soul with frustrations, inner peace would be difficult to find. Then, you have to control yourself first: your emotions, your (over)reactions and your actions. If you can manage your reaction by remaining calm, you can be at peace every time because you know that there is not only you who are involved by the situation.

Embrace the facts

The source of frustrations is the way you handle situations. Refusing to accept reality is the best way to be frustrated. There are many situations that you are not able to accept because of those difficulties, and because you didn't expect them. Embrace them. You should have in mind that it was the only way it could be happening, not another way.

The faster you accept reality, the more you become more peaceful because you don't need to feed your mind with other situations that did not happen for the moment.

Prem Rawat, a messenger of peace has said to train yourself to let go, that could be called satisfaction or peace. Because when you don't hold hurting feelings, you can be at peace with yourself.

Remain serene

As it is said, serenity brings inner peace. If you are exposed to frustrating situations, remain calm. Take a deep breath and try to remember good things to have positive thoughts. By this way, you expulse negative and useless thoughts. You can use the countdown breathing. The key is keeping eyes shut, taking a deep breath, holding it and then breathing out. It will help you concentrate on what really matters.

Actually, inner peace accompanies people, you should only be in search of that. As Prem Rawat said, "When you are frustrated beyond imagination, peace is in you. No matter what you do, there is no place you can go where peace will not come with you. Because it's within you.”

Inner peace is easy to get but easy to lose, with frustrations and anger. There is no miraculous way to be in peace but a daily mind exercise. It depends on how you see situations and the best way to do that is by bearing these pieces of advice and applying them as and when needed.