Photo Does living simply lead to inner peace?

Does living simply lead to inner peace?

Inner peace is important for living. Living simply, finding balance in our lives, that is what inner peace is. The problem is the way to find this simple life. We then wonder if this way of living could ensure inner peace.

Can living simply lead to inner peace? 

There are many ways to live simply, from the fact of breathing deeply to the habits of living in a tidy place. 

Living simply can bring serenity and calmness

It takes a little to be happy, as it is said. Actually, the permanent search for perfection or fulness can bring anxiety because when you set a goal, not achieving it can cause frustration. However, when you decide to have a simple life, without complexity, calmness and serenity come because your goal is to get rid of problems.

Don't push your limits too far

It's important to have big dreams and accomplish them. However, when it requires having many activities that you can't handle, it's not worth it. If it makes you stress and rush all nonstop, it is not worth living. It doesn't mean that no efforts should be made but an overdose of effort should be banned if you want to live simply and get inner peace.

Live the present moment

Why worry about what had happened in the past or what may happen to you? By living this way, you accumulate useless worries because you are not satisfied about what happened and impatient about what can happen in the future. By appreciating present time, troubles would disappear because you don't make pressure for yourself but do one thing at once.

There is also a reason that no one can predict future, then the prediction can be wrong. As Prem Rawat said: "When you start to live in the present, a totally another world is open for you.” It means appreciating present time is full of opportunities.

Slow down

By wanting to please everyone, we tend to hurry in our lives for no reason. Getting pressure for ourselves is the worst thing to do if we want to get inner peace. A pressure that should not even exist. The solution is to slow down and breathe deeply. By doing this, you oxygenate your brain and delete negative thoughts.

Then inner peace can come. Prem Rawat has privileged inner peace more than common peace because if you are not able to see peace in yourself, you can't spread it.

Meditate or/and take yoga courses

Taking yoga courses could be necessary if you are overwhelmed about jobs or daily life. Meditation reinforces strength and cognitive memory, and reduces depression. Practicing meditation is accessible for everyone. You just have to take 5 minutes per day to think about the day, to focus on positive moments and appreciate them again. After that, anxiety and worries will disappear to make room for happiness and inner peace.

You don't have to live a complicated life or require many things to get in peace. On the contrary, living simply can bring you more inner peace than spending time looking for unreachable things. In conclusion, live simply, appreciate present time and you can get peace.